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Sea Surface Temperature

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Helps you choose the best spots to find fish. Our SST maps provide water temperature information for today, tomorrow, and the next day, from Gulf Stream location to temperature edges where the big fish hunt.

Chlorophyll Concentration

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Shows you where the greenest and bluest water is. Too much chlorophyll means murky water that big visual predator fish avoid. Chlorophyll edges can be places of high productivity, especially near blue water, so big fish can be found near them.

Optimal Catch Location

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Shows the best locations for catching gamefish. Based on marine environment information, the color scale shows fishing hotspots as well as least likely places to catch fish like tuna, marlin, billfish, wahoo, cobia, mahi/dolphinfish, and more.



Always Cloud Free

Fathom’s cutting-edge analytics system combines satellite and other real-world data with the industry’s most advanced models to deliver ocean conditions that are cloud free. ALWAYS.

Ultra-High Resolution

FishCast maps have a resolution of 1 km / 0.6 mile. No one offers higher resolution fishing maps. Resolution is important because higher resolution shows finer details when you zoom in.

Hourly Updates

No need to estimate water bodies’ persistence or tendencies. We deliver it every hour. The day before your fishing trip, download all the maps, then view them throughout your trip.

Edges & Hotspots

Temperature edges are shown on our SST maps. Chlorophyll edges are on the Chlorphyll maps. Fishing hotspot intensity is marked in a color scale on our Optimal Catch Location maps.

Nowcast & Forecast

Get today’s ocean conditions and see forecasts of conditions tomorrow and the next day. The forecasts are refreshed every morning to help you decide where – and whether – to fish.

Highest Accuracy

Fathom Science’s state-of-the-art marine environment analytics system delivers the industry’s most precise information and images of ocean conditions and features.



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Fathom Science’s FishCast maps predicted some areas to fish that had incredible results on leg 2 of the Florida West Coast Bluewater Series tournament. A rip that produced the Sailfish, Wahoo, and Dolphin we posted in the tournament.

Capt. Chad Knoerr

Being able to see the sea surface temps when it’s cloudy can certainly be a day saver on locating the fish. Either in a big money tournament or just trying to make a charter party happy.

Big Rock Tournament subscriber

I especially like the reports for SST even when there is significant cloud cover, and of course the availability of maps for different times of the day.

North Carolina offshore fisherman

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