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To access your maps, go to

If this is your first time accessing your maps, click My Profile in the menu and log in using the user name and password sent to you in a separate email. Change your password, for security. 

If you have logged in since you subscribed, you can simply go to the following step each time you use the same device (computer, tablet, or phone). 

Once you’re logged in, go to the Home page (click the link in the top menu) and scroll down to the Regional FishCast master map.

Click on the region you have an active subscription for. That will take you to the region-specific page. Links to your maps are in the box labeled “Click times to view and download maps (after logging in)”. 

Each of the times is a link to a map. You have access to SST, chlorphyll, and Optimal Catch Location for today, tomorrow, and the next day. Maps are updated by 10 am Eastern time daily. You can view and/or download as many maps as you want during your subscription. 

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